The limited edition Jimny Heritage celebrates the tough lil truck’s vibrant history that dates way back to the hipper days of the seventies.

Suzuki says, “Jimny Heritage is for rad drivers and awesome destinations, with all the epic 4×4 performance Jimny is renowned for, including Suzuki’s coveted ALLGRIP PRO. Beyond its totally awesome new (retro) exterior, Jimny Heritage has all the infotainment and safety tech you want today. (Sorry, no tape deck.)”

Only 300 units of this retro legend will be available nationally. Delivery is in manual only, and with a choice of four colours; Jungle Green, Bluish Black, Medium Grey and White.  In addition to the standard features of the GLX, Jimny Heritage adds: 

  • Red front mud flaps 
  • Red rear mud flaps 
  • Jimny Heritage cargo tray 
  • Heritage decals 
  • Limited build badge  
  • Exclusive Jimny Heritage pack  

The RRP for Jimny Heritage is $31,490 (metallic paint extra) with the first arrival of vehicles being April 2023. . For more information go to Suzuki’s register your interest page.

Publisher - Kaz Liddiard

Publisher – Kaz Liddiard

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