The McLaren Artura is the first model to be built on new carbon lightweight architecture optimised for HIgh-Performance Hybrid (HPH) powertrains. It’s designed to blend thrilling performance, driving dynamics and engagement with EV driving capability.

The Arturu comes complete with class leading power to weight ration of 481 bhp/ton (at lightest dryweight). The powertrain comprises all new twin-turbocharged 3.0L V6 petrol engine with an E-motor and energy-dense battery pack to produce combined outputs of 671bhp.

Performance and gorgeous lines are McLaren trademarks. The lightweight body features superformed aluminum panels and has perfect supercar proportions, with ‘form follows function’ design philosophy giving pure and functional ‘shrink-wrapped’ look.

The lithe, technical sculpture has only minimal body shutlines and panel joints, assisted by features such as an entire rear clamshell engineered and superformed as one panel. The shape of the Artura, sculpted to optimizeperformance and manage airflow for aerodynamic performance and cooling, is driven by the McLaren design principle of ‘everything for a reason’ that is in evidence throughout the car. The center of the front splitter is an example of this, being the intake for the eHVAC system and also housing the front-mounted radar that forms part of the optional ADAS package.

The Artura has a completely new interior design with all key controls accessible with hands on the wheel; new 8in HD touchscreen infotainment system enabling configuration of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS); and smartphone mirroring.

The driving mode selection – which retains separate Powertrain and Handling controls – has been moved to the instrument binnacle, which is in turn mounted to the steering column and adjusts with the steering wheel to further enhance driving ergonomics. Consequently, the steering wheel is kept clear of unnecessary switches, but the driver is still able to adjust driving modes without taking their hands away from the wheel.

McLaren designed the Artura to be not only a technological game-changer, but also to stay true to the core McLaren attributes of being incredibly engaging to drive and displaying the highest levels of dynamic ability. Designed to excel on both road and track, the Artura also boasts the dynamic refinement to make serene progress through urban streets in EV mode.

McLaren engineers focused on stability under braking; rear-end controllability; increased grip and optimized aerodynamic downforce – as well as enhanced driver engagement across the board. Key to hitting these goals is McLaren’s first-ever deployment of an electronically controlled differential (E-diff), to independently control torque moving across the rear axle.

Lighter, more controllable and smaller than a mechanical locking differential (it fits within the transmission), the E-diff locks and unlocks individual rear wheels to improve traction out of corners.The innovative rear suspension system, which pairs a top upper wishbone with two lower links and a tie rod in front of the wheel center, maximizes vehicle stability and precision and reduces understeer out of a corner while accelerating. The wide tires allow additional stability and better traction performance while the combination of a short wheelbase, E-diff and the physical downforce provided by the integrated rear spoiler and diffuser ensure both incredible agility at low speed and a high level of stability at high speed. The E-diff in particular increases performance and driver confidence when cornering, enhancing traction and reducing levels of understeer.

The Artura is priced in the US market from $233,000 (USD)* for the standard specification. There are three further interior specifications: Performance, which has a sporting, functional aesthetic; TechLux, where the focus is on the technical luxury that the name suggests; and Vision, which displays a more avant-garde and adventurous look and feel.

Further information about the McLaren Artura is available here.

Publisher - Kaz Liddiard
Publisher – Kaz Liddiard

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